s07e20: 1:9:90

s07e19: Snow Crash Ch13, Part 2; Everything Is Political

s07extra06: Yet another extra bit

s07e18: Do you have WiFi? / Liars are bad

s07e17: Snow Crash’s Graveyard Daemons and

s07extra05: An extra bit

s07e16: “With the word POLICE on it”

s07e15: Snow Crashing

s07extra04: "Decentralized?!"

s07e14: Dunbar’s Goose and the Pump Handle

s07e13: No, not a mid-life crisis; Snow Crashing

s07extra03: The extra bit

s07e12: Scaling Bureaucracy

s07e11: Snow Crashing

s07extra02: Some things

s07e10: Tireless five year olds

s07e09: Snow Crashing

s07extra01: Stop Using Nouns

s07e08: Jeremy Bearimy

s07e07: Safer Routes Home?


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