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I just came here to thank you for suggesting Pianoforall. I'm super impressed with the quality of the course, really easy to follow and there are explanations for everything. After trying many courses, i found the right one thanks to you and I'm finally learning to play the piano faster and better. Also the price is so cheap compared to what you get out of it. Again, thank you so much Dan.

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Thank you I agree Stephen price is too expensive. You can’t bypass music theory to become a full professional. He’s had traditional lessons and teaching short cuts.

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I’ve studied, practiced for my entire life (over 40 yrs) & now teach piano. I can honestly say I am utterly appalled & fed up of watching Mr Ridley's strategically targeted ad’s & grandiose claims all over the internet. Curiosity made me watch his 90minute “webinar” (THIS IS PRE-RECORDED & plays on a LOOP; IT’s NOT LIVE!). I can find absolutely no evidence showing him performing ANY significant, complex piano repertoire. He claims to be an internationally renowned concert pianist, but he has no notable performances, I’d never heard of him before the insidious ad’s began playing everywhere, & having watched his brief demonstrations it’s obvious that he does not possess anywhere near the skill level to support this being the case. Even his demonstrations, which he claims illustrate increasing levels of difficulty involve him usually playing in C Major at ever greater volume by bashing the keys aggressively; focusing on 4 main simple root chords; & incorporating arpeggiated left hand accompaniments. Arpeggios can look impressive if you’re unfamiliar with piano, but they’re really not that difficult. The price that he quotes for his “Masterclass” is exorbitant! It also does not allow potential students any example or trial lessons. Most, if not all, reputable music teachers will offer new students an introductory lesson. I am unfamiliar with the other teaching course that you mention, but the price certainly sounds much more realistic. The only thing I’d question is the instructor having passed a Grade 10 level certification? The RSAMD & Trinity College exams stop at Grade 8, I wonder if you meant that the instructor has achieved his Diploma. There are several different Diplomas that both institutions offer, focusing on performance or teaching respectively. That makes more sense to me. Obviously I can’t comment on the Piano For All course, but I am glad that you, & many others by the sound of it, have found a learning experience that meets their needs without breaking their bank balances. I’m also really encouraged that it’s instructor has qualifications & can produce them for his students as bonafides: I really doubt Mr Ridley could claim to be able to do the same. The main advice I’d offer anyone thinking of beginning lessons, whether online or one to one with a teacher is: make sure you see & hear them play live, that they offer you an introductory/trial lesson; they can either produce qualifications, or if not can at least demonstrate sufficient previous experience & practical working knowledge to show competency to teach; if they have testimonials that they're from actual students not just anonymous comments that could be generated by a bot, or otherwise faked; have they presented any of their students for graded exams & if so what’s the success rate/grades achieved; that they can give you clear individual positive criticism that is individually-learning based to aid you improve, develop skills & technique but is not couched in jargon & meaningless ‘buzz-words’; any teacher should discuss what you want to achieve from your lessons & should then devise a lesson plan based upon helping you work towards those goals. Most importantly learning & playing an instrument should be an enjoyable, creatively satisfying experience. It takes effort, practice, commitment & time. If it sounds too good to be true it most definitely is, regardless of Mr Ridley’s assertions, there are no shortcuts. Good luck to all those who are seeking a teacher. I hope that you find someone who can fulfill your expectations. xx

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Thanks! As al older man (hard to come to terms with that, LOL) who's decided to finally learn to play the piano, but with some time constraints, it's easy to fall for promises of quicker, more streamlined learning.

What are your thoughts on Yousician?

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Thank you for a very thorough review of Ridley academy. I've invested in the PianoForall and find it very attractive. If I can follow all the instructions is another question.

Best regards Carl Bruhn

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Thank you for posting this review. I have zero experience with piano or any other instrument. Honestly, the only reason i wanted to play piano was to sing to my wife of 33 years.

I was about t make the plunge, but couldn't find the price for Stephen's course.

When I tried looking up the price, I was brought here and OH was I grateful!!

Yup, going with Pianoforall.

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Thanks, Dan!

I realized that I actually got Pianoforall from Udemy a while ago, AND, I've been using Yousician for a few weeks to learn guitar. So far, with the guitar, I'm loving it. It's certainly been very helpful with breaking the ice, and with establishing a daily routine with personal challenges. The gaming aspect of it works wonders for consistency and to train one's mobility. However, you're right. The best thing for me is to combine it with something else that doesn't feel like I'm at an arcade. I also need a more intimate and less "connected" approach (especially if you spend your day behind a computer screen) to create a closer connection to the instrument; something that is just me and not a competition or video game. I also enjoy delving into the many details of the instrument, how it works and why it does what it does.

We'll see how it goes with the piano :).



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I'm very thankful to Stephen I think he does much more than the course itself, every word he pronounces is a brilliant, and the main point is not the course but the will of starting that journey, and Stephen Ridley is a powerful force for so many people. I paid the price for his course for that he already given more than any teacher I ever met, he gave me the passion to go for it and it's the main force behind every dream, I'm very thankful to Stephen! God bless him!

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Dan, I sat thru Mr. Ridley's 90-minute sales pitch. I was actually expecting an intro lesson, which I didn't receive. However, I did learn "finger yoga". Otherwise it appeared to mostly be an enticement to purchase the full course @ $1400. Add interest to a payment offer if you wanted to pay over time, or three interest-free payments. Too much for this retired guy.

I see you've recommended PianoForAll. Please tell me you don't have a biased opinion based on a financial kickback for referrals. It's a question that had to be asked.

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