About Things That Have Caught My Attention, a newsletter about technology and what it’s like to be a person


Things That Caught Have Caught My Attention is a newsletter about the internet and life that I’ve been writing since January 2014. I’ve been writing online since 1998.

I write about a lot: artificial intelligence, internet of things, the ethics of technology and software, government technology, design, videogames, community management, content moderation, social networks, platforms and a very, very long-running chapter by chapter critical breakdown of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. In other words, I wrote about anything that software touches.

I don’t just write about technology: I also write about technology from a personal perspective. I write about adult ADHD, mental health, what it’s like to be a father and what it’s like to be an immigrant in America raising a family.

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Things That Have Caught My Attention

Things readers have said about my newsletter:

Reading @hondanhon's post on scaling bureaucracy. So many parallels to ontology, to government as a platform....even #ResearchOps

I spend so much of my time these days trying to work through stuff that doesn't easily scale. Thx for the brain-bending Dan! by Brigette Metzler, about episode s07e12: Scaling Bureaucracy.

Cracking newsletter from @hondanhon today (s07e08: Jeremy Bearimy), particularly the Dr Malcolm bit in section 1.2, which is basically the Jurassic Park follow-up I want to see in the world. by Dr. Kate Devlin.

This is an excellent newsletter and you should all subscribe and this episode features @hondanhon diving into data bias with some real examples and spot-on metaphors that do not involve lakes, streams, or rivers despite my description of him diving. by Sarah K Moir, about episode s07e10: Tireless five year olds.

I practically stuck my finger through the screen I hit the Apple Pay button so hard. @hondanhon firing up his newsletter again, and taking money for it because its bloody good and that shit takes time and pain? Why yes, I shall be subscribing. You should too. by Ben Hammersley

Are you interested in interesting things like: how we can make government tech deliver (and measure) outcomes? Check out @hondanhon’s new old newsletter — https://danhon.substack.com/subscribe by Jason Sparks

I honestly couldn't subscribe fast enough to @hondanhon's new newsletter, Things That Have Caught My Attention. That's some Damn Fine Writing for $7/mo. Stop being so cheap and sign up already. by Dr. Chris Rice