About Things That Have Caught My Attention

Hello. I started newslettering in January 2014 on Tinyletter. That’s a long time ago! Let’s see if I can start again.

My newsletter was—is!—called Things That Have Caught My Attention.

That’s because it’s about things that have caught my attention.

Here’s how I described it over five years ago:

I've been vaguely programatically dumping out my Twitter favorites, Instapaper to-reads and Pinboard bookmarks on my blog for a while, and I thought I'd experiment with a daily newsletter that requires me to actually put some thought into what I'm promiscuously sharing and thinking about. Also, I want to practice my writing, and this seems a good way to get into a habit. You can see some of the types of things that interest me at https://danhon.com/

Get all the Things

If you subscribe, you’ll get all the Things that have Caught my Attention as I write about them. It’s not really any more complicated than that.

My joke is that I have over 2,500 subscribers and they can’t all be misguided. To the continuing amusement of my therapist, I remain surprised at the kind of people who subscribe to my newsletter.

Oh, and I’ve moved over to Substack.com from Tinyletter but you can see all the Old Things That Caught My Attention in the Tinyletter archive.

Things People Have Said About Things That Have Caught My Attention

Here’s some things people have said, etc:

I practically stuck my finger through the screen I hit the Apple Pay button so hard. @hondanhon firing up his newsletter again, and taking money for it because its bloody good and that shit takes time and pain? Why yes, I shall be subscribing. You should too. by Ben Hammersley

Are you interested in interesting things like: how we can make government tech deliver (and measure) outcomes? Check out @hondanhon’s new old newsletter — https://danhon.substack.com/subscribe by Jason Sparks

I honestly couldn't subscribe fast enough to @hondanhon's new newsletter, Things That Have Caught My Attention. That's some Damn Fine Writing for $7/mo. Stop being so cheap and sign up already. by Dr. Chris Rice